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Jasmine Adams

Beginning almost 9 years ago, At Studio 206 is the result of my passion and love of photography. Since picking up my first camera, I’ve had the desire to capture the most precious moments life has to offer. I simply can’t imagine doing anything else.

It is such an honor and joy to be selected, by a couple or family, to photograph their once in a life events. Weddings, graduations, or even a child’s first year are incredible memories that can be preserved forever with photography. These moments are unique to each family, so capturing them is a responsibility that’s not taken lightly.

When it comes to brides, I’m known for helping keep them calm and simply making things fun! I have been known to tear up a time or two at a wedding, but don’t worry, I bring my own tissues. It’s especially rewarding when a client becomes a friend.

As a photographer, I have the extreme privilege of getting to see people who are truly in love commit their lives to one another. I see high school seniors express themselves in so many unique ways and it truly shows in their pictures. I’ve been blessed to see newborns grow up and families grow together. Personally, I think I have one of the best jobs ever!


Steve Adams

I have been a photo enthusiast for over 40 years. So, when my daughter asked me to help her start a professional career as a photographer, I was more than ready. I became interested in portraiture and wedding photography and almost nine years ago, we started At Studio 206. I still love taking pictures just for fun, knowing good photography is enjoyed by all. My hope is every photograph I take will delight someone.



I am happily married and my husband and I share 2 beautiful children together. My daughter is 2 and my son was born in June. This year we moved from Tipp City to Waynesville and love being more in the country. I fell in love with photography growing up, thanks to my great Aunt. I absolutely love documenting the lives of my babies! I believe in capturing natural photos to preserve the little moments in life that pass us far too quickly. I look forward to another great year working with At Studio 206.

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